Always on connectivity and management

I wrote about hyperconnectivity a few days ago which is essentially a technology trend, but it is and will continue to have a profound impact on management both professional and personal. The basic issue is with everything always connected and communicating where does one draw the line? Let’s take the obvious examples, BlackBerry’s and personalContinue reading “Always on connectivity and management”

4th July – Declare independence from mainstream media!

Found this interesting idea on Cameron’s Brain, declare 4th July as a day of independence from mainstream media. Not being in the US the 4th July is usually just another day, so this is a great idea to give it meaning. The idea was kicked around but a number of people on the New EnglandContinue reading “4th July – Declare independence from mainstream media!”

Corporate communication

While internal communications does not always sit within the realms of HR, how it is perceived by your employees is critical to their engagement. Personally internal communications sits within the Employee Relations area, but I know not everyone agrees. Watson Wyatt recently released a Communication ROI Study which focuses directly on internal communication with employeesContinue reading “Corporate communication”