Testing out always on contectivity

Just got my hands on a demo HP iPAQ 6965 unit to trial over the next few weeks, as my boss is away who is testing it out and has another few weeks to go on the test program. It will give me a great chance to learn about how I would use such a device. A side note it almost meets my phone specs, just missing 3G, battery life and IM clients.

This afternoon got push email setup on the work email system, now I have my emails, calendar, contacts, tasks and note from Outlook real-time sync’d to my handset. For all you Blackberry folks I know this is not new for you but it is for me.

Some of the things I hope the learn in the next few weeks:-

  • Is Windows Mobile the OS for me
  • Can I continue my GTD practices that I have in Outlook with the device
  • Do I have the personal control not to allow the push email to completely invade my life
  • What will be the performance of sites designed for mobiles, given the device is only GPRS another device will be a significant improvement
  • Get Office Communicator working so I can do enterprise VOIP, and maybe some IM with federated partners
  • Learn some things to add to our discussion on Always On Connectivity and management
  • What other cool stuff can I do with it?
  • Finally decide if a device like this is worth the $1,000 investment, more if you take a plan.

4 thoughts on “Testing out always on contectivity

  1. A side note it almost meets my phone specs, just missing 3G, battery life and IM clients.

    Not missing much then ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I was wondering how you were getting on with the phone choice – I still have to make a decision myself.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that they all have pros and cons, so the decision should be based on the most important primary functions – which for some people might be making phone calls!

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