Are you ahead of the curve?

Dr John has published his wrap up of 2005 on ERE, and Jason Davis has been a bit taken back by it. In a section “What and Who Needs Rethinking” John discusses “the individuals, firms, or concepts I have encountered this year that clearly need to “rethink” their approach to recruiting.” Blogging seems to have failed according to Dr John.

In typical Dr John style he is stirring the pot and taking things to the extreme within the recruiting industry. But he does have some valid points, only once we step back a bit.

The snip it Jason is commenting on is John’s statement on blogs and recruitment.

“It was fun when there were only a few of them, but if they don’t differentiate and add real tools and solutions, they too will fade like other fads”

Jason asks that John joins the discussion and clarifies his position. I wonder if he will, in many other industries the traditional column writers who’s income is threatened by blogging tend to stay way. In this case I think it would be very beneficial for John to join in as it would be fantastic having a thought leader like him blog, or even comment on one.

Having said this I kind of agree with both John and Jason. We need more HR professional and thought leaders to come online and start having a transparent conversation that allows the whole industry to benefit. By the same token I do feel that for blogging to be really effective within the industry it must add value via innovative tools and services. So in response to Dr John let’s look at some new tools and services that blogging can add to the toolkit of the HR (I admit they are not all great but it is a start).

  • Transparent Corporate Recruiting, look to Microsoft
  • The creation of links with potential talent pool through conversations, I know kind of related to the first but still separate
  • The ability to gain greater insight into candidate through their online persona
  • Improved employee engagement through enhanced internal communications
  • Sharing of information and ideas to build an open body of knowledge
  • Augmentation of training content delivery
  • Ability to provide longer term communications after a training even between participants and trainers. Improving the likelihood of content retention
  • Personal knowledge management
  • Making your work place more attractive through discussions with real employees improving your standing an an employer of choice

I admit that some of these are intangible when it comes to benefits and need more thought but I only spend about 15 minutes on this over lunch today. With more time and more thought we could significantly increase the possible usage and benefits achieved through blogging, this might be my Christmas project. However I also recognise that blogging is not the “silver bullet” to solve all of HR issues and turn us all into strategic players at the “C” level.

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