4th July – Declare independence from mainstream media!

Found this interesting idea on Cameron’s Brain, declare 4th July as a day of independence from mainstream media. Not being in the US the 4th July is usually just another day, so this is a great idea to give it meaning. The idea was kicked around but a number of people on the New England Podcaster’s List, after initially been given legs by Steve Garfield.

Eric Skiff has produced a number of promo’s for use in podcasts, there is even a tag for the idea july4us, you can’t have an idea these days without a tag!

So what is it and how can you participate? Eric provides a great summary:-

We’re declaring our independence from Mainstream Media! We’re reporting news you won’t hear on “the big 3.” We’re playing great artists that clear channel’s computer playlists have ignored. We’re creating outstanding video content free from the shackles of the 30 minute timeslot!

Who are we? We’re just like you! We’re creative individuals who were sick of being force-fed the same focus-group distilled junk year after year.

On July Fourth, declare your own independence from Mainstream Media. Turn off your TV and turn on your computer. Plug an MP3 player with great music podcasts into your stereo while you barbeque. Watch an indie movie or a video podcast. Read news that’s not being reported on CNN.

I wonder just how much I would miss if I turned off MSM for 24 hours, probably not a lot, neither would you so give it a go!

Update: Here is MSM prediciting it’s own death. (Hat tip again to Cameron)

2 thoughts on “4th July – Declare independence from mainstream media!

  1. Hi Michael,

    Great to see you taking up the cause! I’d love to hear about your experience on the day when it rolls around. Let us know if there was anything you mainstream that you missed and what alternative bits you found on the 4th.

    If you blog about the experience, don’t forget to use the july4us tag/category in wordpress 🙂


  2. Will do, thanks Eric. It will be an interesting day, the I think biggest challenge will be the evenng TV that I usually watch for an hour or so.

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