Always On communication update

It has been just over a week since I started using the HP iPaq 6900. My thoughts

  • Battery life is a bit low, standard battery just makes it through the work day, I have been running the extended life battery, just bigger.
  • Having push email is very good, allows me to keep tabs on what is going and respond immediately to email. Not just the urgent ones but the ones that take 10-15 seconds. I have got into a habit of leaving emails Unread when they need a Next Action.
  • Having push calendar and tasks is great, can capture next actions and appointments whenever I need to.
  • Outlook on Windows Mobile doesn’t easily support my implementation of GTD, need to work out the best way to operate.
  • 150+ tasks don’t work well on the device, this is either a Windows Mobile or a CPU performance thing not sure. Would like to trial a few other devices, but I doubt I will get the chance.
  • No quick way to create a task, without listing all of the current tasks, which takes about 60 seconds.
  • There does not seem to be a way to permanently have the tasks application open with a specific filter, although I am doing some research on this.
  • I have not got completely hooked to the always on email, but I can see if happening, self disciple is important.
  • No scroll wheel on the device is a missing feature, also no way to change the applications that launch from the front application buttons.
  • GPRS is slow, too slow for mobile web.
  • Office Communicator Mobile doesn’t work like I first thought, no VOIP, and there are all sorts of dialing plan issues with corporate address books. IM kind of works. I haven’t spent the time on this side of things, next week.
  • Not installed other programs.

Is a Windows Mobile device for me, maybe. I need to sort out a few of the items above first.

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