eRecruitment systems and your employer brand

Today while conducting some research I found what looks on the surface as a bug within PageUp’s PageUp People application, but turns out is not. (For international readers PageUp is the leading eRecruitment vendor in Australia.) I was reviewing the Optus careers web site and went to review a listing of jobs and I openedContinue reading “eRecruitment systems and your employer brand”

Do you have a Knol?

A Knol is a unit of knowledge, well according to Google that is. Their new information source has been moved into public Beta. Basically Knol is sort of like Wikipedia but each entry is authored by a single individual who has complete editorial control. Google provides the following outline in the help: So what subjectsContinue reading “Do you have a Knol?”

Enterprise 2.0, employees and profits

Last night at PubCamp I led a small unconference session around Enterprise 2.0, employees and profits, overall it was Ok but not as good as I would have liked. A part of the issue was a couple of vocal participants in the front row who kept heckling the group the robust debate going, Duncan RileyContinue reading “Enterprise 2.0, employees and profits”

What’s with this Twitter thing?

I know many people just don’t get Twitter, even when it is explained to them, however given the growth of the tool there must be “Something about Twitter?” (From But what is it? Over the last week I have seen a few blog posts once again trying to sort out what it is andContinue reading “What’s with this Twitter thing?”

Find that missing tweet

I am currently on day 3 of a self imposed Twitter/Facebook/social network ban so I kind of feel I am disconnected from a community I have heavily been involved in for over a year. Why is a long story and I’m not sure how much longer it will go on for. Today I found aContinue reading “Find that missing tweet”

Follow up on always on communication

Over the last 6 months I have written a few times about always on communication and the impact on workplaces, work life balance and productivity. Today is a follow up. By the end of next week I will have had the Palm Treo 750 for 2 months. Verdict? You take my Treo away I willContinue reading “Follow up on always on communication”

Blasts from the Past

Over the last couple of days I have been looking for inspiration on what to blog about, so I started researching a couple of topics on communication, collaboration and employee engagement. Funny enough I found some of my old posts, so I thought instead of writing something new I would give you “5 Blasts fromContinue reading “Blasts from the Past”

The skills of Gen Y

It seems that Gen Y is not all bad, their technical skills save them, other than that we need to write the off as a wasted generation. What! Well that’s what 315 business leaders across Australia would like us to think based on the results of a survey conducted by SmartCompany in conjunction with RoyContinue reading “The skills of Gen Y”