Thoughts from Web Directions 2008

On Thursday and Friday last week I attended Web Directions South 2008, my first web only conference in a while. Overall it was a good event, but like most conferences there were some up & downs. Probably the biggest two downs were the opening Key Note and the lack of coffee on arrival on FridayContinue reading “Thoughts from Web Directions 2008”

Need to learn about web 2.0, come to university

If you are in Australia, and interested in learning about Web 2.0 then you should get yourself to Sydney on September 23 and attend the Web 2.0 University being run as a extra session at Web Direction South. The Web 2.0 Executive Bootcamp session is being co-hosted by Jeff Kelly & Stephen Collins and isContinue reading “Need to learn about web 2.0, come to university”

Good the bad and the ugly or is it a storm in a tea cup?

About 2 hours ago Twitter announced they were stopping their SMS notification service outside of the US, Canada, UK and India as it was costing them too much money. Now I completely understand a business needs to make money and the a free service cannot last forever but the way this change has been implementedContinue reading “Good the bad and the ugly or is it a storm in a tea cup?”

Jobs on the go

Over the last couple of weeks I have been pondering the impact of the mobile web on recruitment. As such I have been thinking through several possible use cases but at this stage I have not found the killer app. We have already seen several companies trying to use SMS notifications for job adverts andContinue reading “Jobs on the go”

Social media and Generation Y

A recent report from Microsoft and Insurity in the US found that 71% used IM and 77% used social networking sites on a daily or frequent basis, with over 2/3rds of them belonging to 2 or more social networking sites. But surprisingly 15% said they did not belong to a social network site. While thisContinue reading “Social media and Generation Y”

Yet even more data stolen!

Once again more HR data has been stolen, and guess what again it was not encrypted! This time Colt Express Outsourcing Services, an HR outsourcing vendor, had data for many of it’s clients stolen in a burglary on May 26. The clients affected include Google and CBS’ CNET Networks. The data stolen in the burglaryContinue reading “Yet even more data stolen!”