Anti spam success

The BBC has a really intriguing article about an “average Joe” who is fighting back at those spamers who promise us riches for “helping” them they will help you out with a few million. The average Job in question is Mike and so far is up $80 on the scammers!

Adobe Launches PDF Platform For Web Services

Found this interesting article on InternetNews last week Adobe Launches PDF Platform For Web Services when reading it inconjuction with this article from Joel on Software. I began to wonder….. Is Adobe trying to put too much into their products? Are they trying the commercialise or control the web? Or are they providing a supplementaryContinue reading “Adobe Launches PDF Platform For Web Services”

Oracle vs PeopleSoft vs SAP vs Microsoft

Now I wrote briefly about this yesterday but here is another interesting article on the whole “let’s buy PeopleSoft” issue from Oracle. From all of the press and thoughts of people in the marketplace we really do seem to have four major players SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and Microsoft. Even SAP’s VP of operations Richard KnowlesContinue reading “Oracle vs PeopleSoft vs SAP vs Microsoft”