iPhones are all the rage

With claims by Apple that they sold one million 3G iPhones in the first 3 days it is no wonder that everyone it talking about them.

One of the key attractions of the iPhone since day 1 has been the amazing user interface, superb screen and general Apple industrial design. One of the key detractions was the lack of Enterprise class applications. Well that has all changed.

First Apple released MobileMe a push email and calendaring application (that doesn’t support Tasks which is insane) that includes support for Microsoft Exchange.

In the last few days we have seen launches from the likes of Salesforce and Oracle with applications specifically designed for the iPhone.

IT departments all over the world are now having to seriously look at how they support this device within their enterprise architecture. Such as VPN access from the iPhone to the corporate intranet. That will be interesting as for most they will have never touched an Apple computing device other than an iPod.

The next interesting step is how these devices can be used for Enteprise 2.0 implementations such as collaboration, wikis, and bookmarking.

Will the Apple be the next RIM?

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