Social networking and reputational risk in the workplace

Over 6 months ago Deloitte released their 2009 report on ethics and the workplace this time focusing on impact social computing is having on reputation risk for organisations. The results are very interesting, and given the recent background checking and social media discussions, they also impact individuals and their online reputation. Let’s review the result: 74% of employees saidContinue reading “Social networking and reputational risk in the workplace”

The Facebook Five

During my presentation yesterday on social media in the workplace at RecruitTech I spoke briefly about the “Facebook Five” and felt I would expand on my comments here. In summary six (it was five) NSW prison officers are being threatened with being fired over comments they made on a Facebook page “Suggestion to help BigContinue reading “The Facebook Five”

Unlock the social graph of candidates

First you need to know what a social graph is, simple put by Brad Fitzpatrick the “social graph” is “the global mapping of everybody and how they’re related”, therefore your social graph is a mapping of everyone and how they are related to you. So what does this have to do with candidates? Well I amContinue reading “Unlock the social graph of candidates”

Social media sacked employees and The Mother Test

First let me say this is not new people have been losing their jobs for years based on what they publish online, it is now the services being used are changing slightly. Last month Virgin Atlantic sacked 13 cabin crew for criticizing the airline and its passenger on Facebook. The action follows an investigation into the remarksContinue reading “Social media sacked employees and The Mother Test”

Generation V podcast

Yesterday while I was in the middle of my PRINCE2 course I ducked outside (literally outside in the freezing Melbourne wind) for 30 minutes to participate in The Scoop podcast for MIS Australia hosted by Mark Jones. The topic Generation V, or generation virtual. I was a little uncertain what to expect as the fellowContinue reading “Generation V podcast”

Yet even more data stolen!

Once again more HR data has been stolen, and guess what again it was not encrypted! This time Colt Express Outsourcing Services, an HR outsourcing vendor, had data for many of it’s clients stolen in a burglary on May 26. The clients affected include Google and CBS’ CNET Networks. The data stolen in the burglaryContinue reading “Yet even more data stolen!”

More stolen data

Standford University is the latest large organisation to be involved in unintentional leaking of personal data. A laptop was stolen that contained the personal details of 62,000 former and current employees. The data included:- Name, gender, date of birth Social Security number Salary, business title, office location, office phone number, and e-mail address while employedContinue reading “More stolen data”

Mandatory censorship of the internet

The new Labour Government had announced there intend as part of the election campaign to introduce filtering of the internet and on Dec 31st they provided further details on what would be happening with mandatory filtering of the Internet by ISPs. Senator Conroy says it will be mandatory for all internet service providers to provideContinue reading “Mandatory censorship of the internet”