Social media sacked employees and The Mother Test

First let me say this is not new people have been losing their jobs for years based on what they publish online, it is now the services being used are changing slightly. Last month Virgin Atlantic sacked 13 cabin crew for criticizing the airline and its passenger on Facebook. The action follows an investigation into the remarksContinue reading “Social media sacked employees and The Mother Test”

Career websites and your brand

Wanting your employees to feel proud of working for your brand is one key part of retention, there are many others but today I am only talking about brand. You also need the best candidates to want to join your organisation, not just anyone who needs a job. The term “best candidate” does not onlyContinue reading “Career websites and your brand”

Oracle Social CRM

Today I had the pleasure of meeting with a couple of the Oracle CRM team to talk about Oracle’s new social applications in the CRM On Demand product. The meeting was setup Polly Johnson from Oracle’s PR agency Kinetics, Polly was referred to my by Gareth Llewellyn from Oracle a switched on PR guy. While my mainContinue reading “Oracle Social CRM”

eRecruitment systems and your employer brand

Today while conducting some research I found what looks on the surface as a bug within PageUp’s PageUp People application, but turns out is not. (For international readers PageUp is the leading eRecruitment vendor in Australia.) I was reviewing the Optus careers web site and went to review a listing of jobs and I openedContinue reading “eRecruitment systems and your employer brand”

Jobs on the go

Over the last couple of weeks I have been pondering the impact of the mobile web on recruitment. As such I have been thinking through several possible use cases but at this stage I have not found the killer app. We have already seen several companies trying to use SMS notifications for job adverts andContinue reading “Jobs on the go”

When your social graph breaks

There is a lot of talk these days about social graphs, a newish term used to describe our online social relationships across the myriad of web sites these days. If you are unsure what a social graph is read this description from Jeremiah Owyang. Another common discussion at the moment is the cross over ofContinue reading “When your social graph breaks”

Twitter influence and follower growth

There are several classic cliché’s such as “money makes money” and “success breeds success” that basically mean the more you have of something the more you get. Normally I would dispute these concepts but I am starting to question my personal perspectives. Two things have happened to make this happen. Firstly I spent an hourContinue reading “Twitter influence and follower growth”