eRecruitment systems and your employer brand

Today while conducting some research I found what looks on the surface as a bug within PageUp’s PageUp People application, but turns out is not. (For international readers PageUp is the leading eRecruitment vendor in Australia.)

I was reviewing the Optus careers web site and went to review a listing of jobs and I opened the third job listed within the IT group, one for a Business Intelligence Architect.

To my great surprise this is what I saw, begin reading the text:

On the surface this is very strange, what is a role for Virgin Mobile doing on the Optus careers site. Now after a bit more digging I found out the Virgin Mobile is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Optus, which sort of explains things. But then again it does not.

Both companies have very strong brands so to me this seems to mix up the employer brand and will possibly confuse candidates and reduce both organisations employee value proposition (EVP).  Earlier this year Virgin Mobile’s director of HR Angela Foskett was interviewed by Human Capital Magazine and was quoted:

Human Capital: Virgin has such a successful consumer brand – has this translated to your employer brand?

Angela Foskett: Absolutely. The consumer and employer brand are directly linked. People’s perceptions are very much the reality when they come in so there isn’t a massive culture shock. In most cases it’s better than people expected.

Basically the two mirror each other and the culture and environment are the key focus to retaining that connection. We’re fortunate in that any brand research that we do can be used from a people perspective and from an internal brand perspective as well. It’s about the external brand and how that feeds back into organisational behaviour and how that feeds into individual behaviour.

A bit further on she said

HC: What benefits have you seen from a strong brand? Does it help with attraction of candidates?
AF: We recognise we’re not for everybody – that’s fine. The strength of the brand means we do get a lot of expressions of interest whether it’s ad-hoc or tied to an actual ad. People are really engaged in the ads we do write and they’re motivated by that. We’ve got a very successful referral program as well, and I guess our challenge is to ensure the cultural fit continues alongside our recruitment philosophy. When we have technical roles where we require a certain skills set they can be hard to fill because we don’t compromise on that cultural fit. It’s 60% about cultural fit and 40% about technical ability with the belief that we can upskill people.

To me it is a very strange method of keeping a strong brand, not confusing candidates and making sure you are attracting the right cultural fit.

2 thoughts on “eRecruitment systems and your employer brand

  1. Since Virgin is wholly owned by Optus, which is owned by SingTel, its one way of ensuring that a candidate is aware of the parent child relationships. So what may look confusing is actually a great way of raising awareness and testing a candidates resourcefulness in researching the company background.

  2. pk true however I find it very interesting that Virgin was quoted earlier this year about how important their individual brand is and then to have the jobs branded as Optus.

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