Judge Jim & co.

Jim Durbin provides us with details on the judging criteria in the Recruiting.com Best Blog Awards. I like his general statement, someone who is advancing the brand, where the brand is recruitment. He will be looking for someone who is making an impact on the size of the recruiting blogosphere and how they are usingContinue reading “Judge Jim & co.”

Recruiting in Australia (Part 1)

Over the last few weeks I have become very concerned about the state of the recruitment industry in Australia, in particular around IT although the comments will also hold true of other industries. I am preparing a few posts to work through the issues, mostly for my purposes but others might also benefit. (Had toContinue reading “Recruiting in Australia (Part 1)”

Recruiting Metrics

As Heather said there has been lots of discussion (here, here, here, here, and here) recently on recruiting metrics and the quality of a hire. Andrew Marritt provides a very interesting perspective on why quality of hire is even only appropriate in a limited number of circumstances. All in all a fantastic discussion. But whatContinue reading “Recruiting Metrics”