Brands and Social Media

I am pulling together a bit of research into which brands are doing what with social media in Australia during the process I uncovered some interesting statistics which I will share. The list of companies I started with was the BRW Top 200 and added a couple of well known brands for the companies when required (eg Big Pond for Telstra).

  • Lots of people a squatting on accounts using the names of the top 15 companies in Australia across a wide range of social media sites.
  • The sites with the highest number (17 occurrences) of accounts (real or squatting):
    • Blogger
    • eBay
    • GMail
    • Live Journal
    • Yahoo
    • You Tube
  • The sites with the next highest number (16 occurrences) of accounts (real or squatting):
    • Twitter
    • MySpace
  • Most of the companies seem to have their brand being hijacked on at least one site, some have higher rates than others due to their brand also being general name, eg Shell.
  • The companies with the non general brands with the highest number of accounts (real or squatting):
    • AMP (33 times)
    • NAB (29 times)
    • Coles (29 times)
    • Qantas (19 times)

This work is completely unscientific at this stage but still enlightening, might do some further work on it.

Update: I’m calling this practice “social media squatting”

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