Oracle Social CRM

Today I had the pleasure of meeting with a couple of the Oracle CRM team to talk about Oracle’s new social applications in the CRM On Demand product. The meeting was setup Polly Johnson from Oracle’s PR agency Kinetics, Polly was referred to my by Gareth Llewellyn from Oracle a switched on PR guy. While my main interest is HR related, I am also very interested in everything social media so I accepted.

During the meeting we discussed how Oracle is moving it’s whole product line towards becoming more focused on the social aspect fo business. From a CRM point of view how they can make the applications work better for the individual sales person. One of the key themes was to allow sales people to use their social networks and social media to help enable the sales process. While Oracle is making great steps into this area the products are still limited in their functionality, I will get back to this in a bit.

Now I am not a customer of Oracle, nor a CRM consultant, not even likely to use their CRM products myself. But I do blog, and interact with people who might be these things. Therefore anything I say might be useful for Oracle in the future sales process, ok maybe my reach isn’t that great but you never know. Let me explain this process. I left the meeting about an hour ago and have already blog, and exchanged several Tweets about the meeting. This content is now all out there for anyone to see, use, remix and learn from. Basically I was a digirati solider.

I have to head off to a meeting with Big Red Sky BigRedSky so I will finish the run down on the product later.

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