The skills of Gen Y

It seems that Gen Y is not all bad, their technical skills save them, other than that we need to write the off as a wasted generation. What! Well that’s what 315 business leaders across Australia would like us to think based on the results of a survey conducted by SmartCompany in conjunction with RoyContinue reading “The skills of Gen Y”

Can you build a company in a weekend?

An interesting team development activity took place of the weekend of Jul 7-8. Get together a group of people, lock them in a room and for 54 hours build a product, set up a company, and launch it to the market. The idea is called Startup Weekend! The weekend had all the social media blog’dContinue reading “Can you build a company in a weekend?”

Always on connectivity and management

I wrote about hyperconnectivity a few days ago which is essentially a technology trend, but it is and will continue to have a profound impact on management both professional and personal. The basic issue is with everything always connected and communicating where does one draw the line? Let’s take the obvious examples, BlackBerry’s and personalContinue reading “Always on connectivity and management”