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Anna Farmery from over at The Engaging Brand pushes us all to do just one more thing, well 10 of them in fact. She asked what would happen to the productivity your team if you did one more thing from the list every day?

The list is mainly about recognition, something that is in line with the things I have been thinking about recent with regard to employee engagement, recognition and satisfaction. I have not spoken about engagement and satisfaction for a while so it is time to dig it up again.

When employees are satisfied they engage when they engage companies tend to increase their performance(there is research out there but this is opinion 😉 ). This could be because they go the extra mile for the organisation and the manager. One of the biggest influences of employee satisfaction is the first level manager, yes there are lots of things that impact satisfaction but this to me is the biggest. One of the biggest satisfiers from management is recognition. By recognition I mean all sorts, financial, or emotional.

Now where this gets interesting is recognition means different things to different people at different times in their lives. Basically it comes down to what is important to the employee, not what the manager or HR thinks is important, and that’s the difficult part. For example those readers born after 1980 probably view a good salary and opportunities for advancement and the most important thing. You Baby Boomers are at the moment looking for work-life balance and good benefits, Gen-Xers sitting in the middle want interesting work (and the Boomers to leave the workforce, but that is another post), with work life balance. The trouble is when you recognise people’s performance you need to take this into account.

For a Gen-Y, a bonus or career development move might be the key, for the Baby Boomer give them a day off, Gen-X throw them a difficult project with a pat on the back. All of them would also appreciate a simple “Thank-You”. Ok I am simplifying things but you get the point.

Here are a list of resources you might find useful when coming up with ways to recognise employees:-

5 thoughts on “Doing one more thing

  1. I’m one of those workers in the ‘born after 1980 group’. While I agree that many of us are motivated by salary, I couldn’t stand my job (at a global consulting firm) mainly because I received no recognition, my creativity was stifled and as a junior team member I was treated as a second class citizen.

    So I left and never look back.

    Young people want money, but more importantly we demand respect and opportunity. We are also confident enough to look elsewhere for it.

  2. Andy good to hear from someone in the after 80’s group. Your comments align with others I have heard and from what I have read. This is all made just that little bit harder given everybody’s needs are so varied.

  3. This is a really good example of one of my fave sayings in the HR space – Do unto others as they would have done unto them.

    I’ve posted some of this great article onto my blog for my readers as well, ty.

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