Follow up on always on communication

Over the last 6 months I have written a few times about always on communication and the impact on workplaces, work life balance and productivity. Today is a follow up. By the end of next week I will have had the Palm Treo 750 for 2 months. Verdict? You take my Treo away I willContinue reading “Follow up on always on communication”

We are such a creative bunch

Two things occurred to me this morning. Humans are naturally a creative bunch We are more than willing to share our creations How do I know this? Just look at the number of mashups (video, audio, software, & services) that are created everyday. My questions is. Why in a personal lives are we so openlyContinue reading “We are such a creative bunch”

Organisational change management

While there are lots of reasons for project failures, both IT and non IT, a major reason is poor execution of organisational change management. During the implementation of the project each individual impacted needs to come to terms with the change. Back in 2000 William Bridges and Susan Mitchell Bridges provided a good way ofContinue reading “Organisational change management”

Emotion and the workplace

Just a short post on emotion. Have employees who don’t have their emotions under control and you have a toxic (Update: Kevin rightly points out that toxic might not be the right word but to be honest as given the number of different emotional issue employee could face having people in the workplace who don’tContinue reading “Emotion and the workplace”