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I am currently on day 3 of a self imposed Twitter/Facebook/social network ban so I kind of feel I am disconnected from a community I have heavily been involved in for over a year. Why is a long story and I’m not sure how much longer it will go on for.

Today I found a great new tool that allows me to keep an eye on what is going on, well at least on Twitter. The tool is Tweet Scan (hat tip James

At the moment I am using it as a vanity search tool, the real benefit is being able to review the conversations about topics of interest. For example what is being said about Kevin Rudd (the new Australian Prime Minister), Australian Election, or the V8 Supercars where I was yesterday. Other ideas would be product discussions, restaurants, events, activities or monitoring disasters the list is endless!

The tool will also give PR and corporate communication folks the ability to review what is being said about their organisations in almost real time, just like traditional media watch organisations. There are some cool features such as email alerts and a “Tweet This” link that allows you to tweet about your search.

To quote James:

The information is out there, about what people are doing, saying, and using. Its ours to harvest. The title of this blog is a tongue in cheek hopefully, because the fact is tools like tweetscan make us far more powerful, extending our reach, allowing us into new conversations, making us smarter, and allowing us to test ideas in near real time. A database of conversations. A database of intentions. Its all coming together. 2008 is going to rock.

3 thoughts on “Find that missing tweet

  1. Do you want to come on the Recruiting Animal Show Wed and discuss this? It’s on at noon EST. If we can coordinate our times and it’s better for you, we can have a two-person chat in advance and I will simply play it during part of the show. I haven’t done that before but I think it will work. Need reply ASAP if interested. Best Regards, The Recruiting Animal

  2. Okay, it’s 9.30am here and 1.30 am in Sydney so whatever Aussie city you’re in I know that you won’t be able to be interviewed in real time on the show. I’m still open to trying a preshow recording. So lemme know. If you could spare some time in the morning it would be late afternoon or early evening here and we would both be awake.

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