IM how do you use it!

IM is finally starting to make it’s way into corporate Australia, I know we are slow off the mark! But this is starting to pose all sorts of issues. The Google Australia blog posted today about this very topic and it reminded me that after about 10 years of prolific IM usage where I currently work an “Acceptable Use of IM” policy (with a small p) has just been released.

To Ping of nor to Ping? That is the Question!

Both cover similar issue, let’s have a look at 10 tips on IM etiquette.

  1. Use the status indicator! If you are on the phone set it to same “I’m on the Phone”
  2. If you are too busy to respond, don’t sign in
  3. If you use a public IM client, DON’T DISCUSS CONFIDENTIAL BUSINESS, STUPID!
  4. hotpants69 doesn’t work anymore as an IM nick name than it does an email address to get you a job, think twice about your IM id (Bonus same goes with your status message)
  5. Think before you click send, there is no Undo function
  6. If you can pick up the phone or walk over and talk to the IM recipient it is usually a better idea than using IM
  7. If the discussion goes on for more the a few minutes, it is usually best to pick up the phone or write an email
  8. Remember as with email, you miss out on the body language and tone of the discussion, be careful your joke might not be received as one
  9. Before launching into a long message check if the recipient is available for a chat
  10. Use basic common sense

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