Educating HR on metrics & technology

As I mentioned a few days ago I have been asked to help re-write a topic in AHRI’s Professional Diploma of HR looking at measuring and reporting on the effectiveness of HR and selection and implementation of HRIS systems. Over the last few days I have been re-reading lots of books and articles I haveContinue reading “Educating HR on metrics & technology”

Blasts from the Past

Over the last couple of days I have been looking for inspiration on what to blog about, so I started researching a couple of topics on communication, collaboration and employee engagement. Funny enough I found some of my old posts, so I thought instead of writing something new I would give you “5 Blasts fromContinue reading “Blasts from the Past”

Always on connectivity and management

I wrote about hyperconnectivity a few days ago which is essentially a technology trend, but it is and will continue to have a profound impact on management both professional and personal. The basic issue is with everything always connected and communicating where does one draw the line? Let’s take the obvious examples, BlackBerry’s and personalContinue reading “Always on connectivity and management”

Did You Know video follow up post

A couple of weeks I posted about a video called “Did You Know“, the video has done the rounds on blogs but few people (that I have seen) been able to point out the source. Today via SoulSoup I found the source of the video, the original presentation and the source documents for the statistics.Continue reading “Did You Know video follow up post”

The 9 year old and the future

Over the weekend our 9 year old expressed an interesting in getting Google Reader setup on his PC as he wanted to read stuff like Dad. This got me thinking again about what he and his generation will expect in a technology sense from their employers when he enters the workforce in 10-12 years. HisContinue reading “The 9 year old and the future”