How to manage gaming geeks, or any geek for that matter

Just finished listening to show number 51 from The Cranky Middle Manager Show where Wayne spends time chatting with Matt Manuel from EA who looks after the development of FIFA 2006. A great show with some really interesting ideas covering on-boarding, peer mentoring, and team management. It seems that a number of the manager’s atContinue reading “How to manage gaming geeks, or any geek for that matter”

Learning like a 5 year old

A recent Wired Magazine article provides unique perspectives on learning and to a lesser degree recruitment. The article talks about a senior manager at Yahoo who is a guild leader in World of Warcraft, a massive multi player online game. His position in World of Warcraft has provided him many of the necessary skills neededContinue reading “Learning like a 5 year old”

Tablet PC in our schools

Frank Arrigo’s son is getting a Tablet at his new school, very cool. Frank provides a great description of the software that that will be using. Frank is pumped, maybe he should have a look at The Table Education Blog for some more ideas?

Students who actually think!

Anne Bartlett-Bragg (one of the organisers of BlogTalk Downunder) was interviewed recently by Anna Salleh from ABC Science Online about her research in blogs and education that she has been conducting for her PhD. Her quote “I say, I’m sorry, I’m making you think. Isn’t that why we’re here?” made me laugh, so many peopleContinue reading “Students who actually think!”

Top web based trainer

(Via eHRMS) PR Newswire reports that WebEx is the market leader for live, web-based training “WebEx Training Center added an integrated platform for creating and delivering on-demand training materials, making it one of the only services to support both delivery methods.”

Tablet PC’s in Education

For the last 3 months I have been wanting a Tablet PC, specifically the Toshiba M200, and since returning from BlogTalk Downunder this want has increased. Why? Firstly I got to see Mick Stanic’s up close and personal and I got to use the iBurst wireless broadband. My personal view is Tablet PC + WirelessContinue reading “Tablet PC’s in Education”