Nigel James reflects on 20 years since he left school with an invitation to his 20 year reunion back in Australia. Yes I agree Nigel a 13 hour flight is shorter than 26, but when you are in the middle of a 9 hour flight anything over 2 hours makes you feel like a sardine! :-)James’s last paragraph made me think, very soon it will be 20 years since I left high school as well, what have I done?

All this sort of stuff can tend to make you a bit reflective and could tip one into a mid-life crisis if you let it! It certainly drags some of the memories back and makes you think about the next 20 years. This is a good thing. I certainly have lot to be thankful for and while there are good memories back there and it would be great to catch up with all the guys 20 years on, I am focusing on the next 20. There is far too much going on at the moment to be pining for the good-old-days. The future is bright…

Stop and reflect on the last 20 years give yourself a quick performance review.


Rating 1 to 5

where 1 is poor & 5 is great


How did you go? I have put this reflection on the list to do during my upcoming weekly review.

2 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. Michael,

    In addition to ranking where we are today, right now, I think it’s important to also reflect on what we have done or achieved in our lives to date. This might not necessarily correlate with where we are today, because our circumstances change throughout our lives.

    Maybe the things to avoid however, are the things we wish we had of done 🙂

  2. Great idea to look back as where are are today and what to try and avoid in the future. Very similar to the ideas David Allen has in GTD with his 50,000 ft level.

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