Blog anonymously

(Via blog*on*nymity)

The EFF have published an interesting item on how to blog anonymously. The post has some good tips and some not so good ones, many are also only relevant if you live in the US which while might be good for a lot of bloggers does not cut it for the rest of us.

Again not being an IR/ER expert I do wonder about these sorts of things, does actively trying to hide your blog when you know the content might get you fired actually makes things worse if you do get caught? I guess it would depend on your local legal environment.

A final thought, it is very hard (if not impossible) to really be anonymous in the internet. So it is easier to just “Be Smart”!

Employees, GPS and privacy? had an article on how organisations in the US are starting to use GPS to help monitor their workforce. This comes as local Fuji Xerox repairers are striking over a number of things including the potential for similar technology being introduced to track them. Cameron Murphy President of NSW Council for Civil Liberties has called the move a “gross invasion of personal privacy”.

I wonder how this ties into the new privacy legislation in place in NSW and Vic?

The Transport Workers Union earlier this year had strong words to say about the Australian Trucking Association’s proposal to install GPS devices in trucks to help manage safety.

Coupled with RFID chips, GPS and other tracking technology will have a significant impact on the way workers privacy is managed. I see several more industrial issues arising before guidelines are put into place so that both sides can agree on a go forward. This highlights the impact the introduction of technology into the workplace can have and how the people introducing the technology need to be very careful. What is “cool” may have a very cold reception.