Mandatory censorship of the internet

The new Labour Government had announced there intend as part of the election campaign to introduce filtering of the internet and on Dec 31st they provided further details on what would be happening with mandatory filtering of the Internet by ISPs.

Senator Conroy says it will be mandatory for all internet service providers to provide clean feeds, or ISP filtering, to houses and schools that are free of pornography and inappropriate material.

Personally I am against any form of censorship. Its that simple. But with this I am also confused, you can opt-out and have an unfiltered huh?

Senator Conroy says anyone wanting uncensored access to the internet will have to opt out of the service.

Now just because someone has a foot fetish and wants uncensored access means they could be put on a list of “bad people”, and who gets to store that information? An opt in list such as the one for crime and terrorism makes far more sense.

Further to this some of the content that is being banned on the Internet (X18+) is available for purchase on DVD in Canberra the nations capital!

Highly confused like lots of people.

There has been lots of discussion over the last day, I don’t know all the facts more research is required, here are some links if you want to read more.

2 thoughts on “Mandatory censorship of the internet

  1. Where the heck did you get the idea of a “bad people” register? The opt out is just getting signed up to prove your age is either over 15 for MA 15+ or over 18 for R stuff. It is done by the ISP and probably will be some sort of Electronic form.

    You are at least one person that is coming from it as any censorship is bad. Fair enough. Personally, I have no problem with it, I don’t want tits and ass on the TV at 9am in the morning myself as I have kids.

    The Fliter purposes to block/require verification of age for content much the same way that content is rated for Movies/TV/etc.

    I don’t see the big issue (other then the possible speed issue it could cause on my internet).


  2. Molly, I kind of agree I don’t my kid seeing porn on TV, but if I wanted to see it at 9am, 1pm or 2am on the internet I would like to have the choice.

    Censorship in my mind is a bad thing as I don’t believe adults should be forced to conform to someone else’s view point.

    What I don’t get this this whole thing is how will it be implemented, will it require multiple opt-out clauses, what is the speed impact, the cost, who will police it, who will have access to list of opt-out people, or the sites that are censored. Further what could the legal ramifications to ISPs, the government & other when kids do stumble across porn, cause we both know they will not stop all of it. Why we can still purchase X rated DVDs in Canberra but will not be able to have R rated content on the internet without an opt out, let alone X rated. Still more questions, how will SL be controlled, will they ban all ports out of Australia to stop people downloading videos?

    Finally why the on earth we have an opt in system for crime & terrorism (I read violence in this as well) but opt out for porn.

    Lots and lots of legal, technical & political questions that need & should have been answered before the government made their announcements during the holiday period.

    This is going to get really interesting, & I agree it could all be a storm in a “tea cup”, which I really hope it is.

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