We need a red pill for the organisation

Yesterday I caved and went back to Twitter, yes I know I am weak but that is a whole other story. There was a conversation about the red vs blue pill in the Matrix, remember the red one you learn the truth while the blue one you go on living the lie. I got inspired popped the DVD in, then I had a thought.

If you remember the movie once the machines took over they used humans as their endless supply of energy, growing them in fields, then keeping the human minds under control by through the use of the Matrix.

I started thinking it is similar to how organisations operate, they have universities where graduates are conditioned into a certain way of thinking, without which organisations claim graduates are not ready to enter the workplace. From day one a new graduate just falls in line, generating the power the organisation requires. If not they labeled “unconventional” or even worse”managed out” only to then turn into an Entrepreneur and disrupt the core market of that very organisation. Management practices and hierarchies are in place to keep us and our minds under control.

For people in the know, if you have ever tried to explain it to someone you get this stare. You know they feel like Alice, tumbling down the rabbit hole, accepting what they see and hear cause they know they will to wake up. Just like Neo as he begins to learn about the Matrix.

We need a Red Pill to help employees understand the whole web 2.0, social networks, collaboration, transparency, Cluetrain thing! Thereby allowing their minds to be freed from the shackles of the organisation.

While a simple red pill would make it easier to open people’s minds to the new world, we would still need to help their minds accept the new world, just like Neo has trouble first accepting being out of the Matrix.

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