Emotion and the workplace

Just a short post on emotion.

Have employees who don’t have their emotions under control and you have a toxic (Update: Kevin rightly points out that toxic might not be the right word but to be honest as given the number of different emotional issue employee could face having people in the workplace who don’t have control of their emotions in not good.) workplace. The trick is how to manage the situation.

Many employers provide Employee Assistance Programs (EAP’s) to help with this, however employees don’t always use them, as the issue might be temporary or they don’t see it as a back issue. This mean it falls on the manager and co-workers to have to put with the employee until the issue blows over.

If you were reading for an answer on how to manage this sorry there are no simple or quick ones. Sometimes you need to wait for things to get better and hope in the meantime employee performance does not suffer, a bit of flexibility also helps. Oh and it helps if you have a high emotional intelligence.

2 thoughts on “Emotion and the workplace

  1. Michael,

    Is ‘toxic’ really the right word? I equate ‘toxic’ with the malcontents – people who constantly whinge and moan and infect others with their negative views of the workplace and constantly work to undermine the manager.

    Emotional control issues can create a whole range of reactions in the workplace depending upon how the person with emotional issues is behaving. It’s often a very difficult thing to deal with and impossible to prescribe a solution because every person is unique!


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