A history lesson of sorts

I got distracted today so I started digging through my old blog posts to have a look at some of the subjects I have covered in the last 5 years.

Initially I was very much focused on blogs as a method of solving all of the world’s issues. Mainly because that was the main form of user generated content that we had. (Think – when all you have is a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail.)

Here are some of my posts that stood out:

How the world has changed, we now have all sorts of tools available to individuals and organisations alike. However the foundations are the same FUSE or “Find, Use, Share, Expand”.

For an organisation to effectively leverage their employee’s in a knowledge economy, these employees need to be able to quickly and efficiently find the information they need. Once found the information needs to be used to create the outcomes required by their KPIs. With this newly formed outcome they will most likely then share with either other employees, customers or partners. The act of sharing expands the outcomes of the employee and the recipient.

Each piece of information you put through the FUSE process can result in your very own virus, a small infectious agent that can replicates inside the cells of another organism. In fact the whole concept of FUSE is much the same as the life cycle of a virus!

FUSE should be your framework for the introduction of social technologies into the enterprise.

We are such a creative bunch

Two things occurred to me this morning.

  1. Humans are naturally a creative bunch
  2. We are more than willing to share our creations

How do I know this? Just look at the number of mashups (video, audio, software, & services) that are created everyday.

My questions is. Why in a personal lives are we so openly creative but when when get inside an organisation we shutdown?

Could I be so bold to say because of the organisational culture?

It has been written many times that organisations are striving for innovation, collaboration, and creativity from their employees. So you would think a management team we would want to ensure we have an environment to foster this openness and creativity.

But we don’t.

Just think of the benefit to your organisation if these 2 girls (I would embed the video but my WordPress theme keeps borking when I do) had focused as much of their time and energy on a new product for your organisation as they did on making this video? Would your organisation be better off?

We should all try and do one thing everyday to ensure our organisations foster this open creativity that humans so desperately desire.Full credit needs to go to Laurel Papworth for inspiring my brain with this simple post.