Social networking and recruitment

There are some major changes taking place within the recruitment software market at the moment. Changes that have the ability to remove vendors such as Taleo from being “top of the pops”. What is it?¬†Intelligent matching of jobs to social networks. Both Australian job referral vendors 2Vouch and Hoojano do this but not to theContinue reading “Social networking and recruitment”

Being an HR Manager in a Web 2.0 company

Many people have commented that there is still a session in the HR Futures Conference without a speaker, could they fill the slot. The issue has not been there was no speaker, more that I had too many speakers to choose from! Over the last month I have been working with several people to finaliseContinue reading “Being an HR Manager in a Web 2.0 company”

Have you heard of the Velociroflcoptersaurus?

There is a silly little game going on with some fo the IT folks here in Australia, basically to see who can own the word¬†Velociroflcoptersaurus in Google by Jan 13 2009. Given I know very little about SEO I figured why not play and see what I could learn. I was a little late intoContinue reading “Have you heard of the Velociroflcoptersaurus?”

Career websites and your brand

Wanting your employees to feel proud of working for your brand is one key part of retention, there are many others but today I am only talking about brand. You also need the best candidates to want to join your organisation, not just anyone who needs a job. The term “best candidate” does not onlyContinue reading “Career websites and your brand”

New content and products

Over the last week I have released a few new items on the Inspecht site. Short introduction on how to use Google to find candidates Quick overview of some key social media and Web 2.0 terms Email marketing campaign tool The first two probably make sense to most readers but the third might surprise aContinue reading “New content and products”

This week in Sydney

Arrived in Sydney late Monday evening for a very busy week, lots of meetings, attending Web Directions, Port 80, AussieTUB, presenting at a user group on Change Management and sitting on a panel for the NSW Knowledge Management forum discussing the value of social media and networking for business. During Web Directions I might liveContinue reading “This week in Sydney”