Special deal for blog readers

Australasian Talent Conference has put together a special deal for my blog readers.

Before I get to the deal, a bit about ATC:

The Australasian Talent Conference is a collaboration between the leading corporate recruitment and talent management experts from Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the United States. First introduced in 2007 and modeled on the successful Electronic Recruitment Exchange ERE Conference in the United States. Organisers are; Kevin Wheeler, Trevor Vas, Horace Chai and Kate Breuner.

A selection of this year’s speakers include internationals folks:

  • Dr John Sullivan
  • Gerry Crispin
  • Kevin Wheeler
  • Master Burnett

Along with locals:

  • Trevor Vas
  • Dr. Ian Williamson
  • Naomi Simson
  • James Elliott
  • Virginia Matthew


ATC is offering my blog readers 10% off!

Register online, use promotion code INS09 and you will receive 10% off the conference price. That’s AUD$250 on the $2,500 list price. Not a bad deal if you are planning to attend and missed out on the early price pricing. Even if you were not planning to attend with the line up of speakers you should!

This week in Sydney

Arrived in Sydney late Monday evening for a very busy week, lots of meetings, attending Web Directions, Port 80, AussieTUB, presenting at a user group on Change Management and sitting on a panel for the NSW Knowledge Management forum discussing the value of social media and networking for business.

During Web Directions I might live blog the sessions just not decided at this stage if there will be value for my readers. If I don’t live blog it I will cover the event on Twitter.

For the talk on Change Management I am trying to new presentation style, even got myself one of those fancy remote presentation clicker things, and to make things more interesting the talk is to a group of HR professionals, who should be by all accounts experts!

My talk is a summary of the 1 day workshop I have put together on Change Management taking the audience through the need for change management and a structured approach for implementation. The slides will go up on SlideShare afterwards if you want to have a look at them.