New content and products

Over the last week I have released a few new items on the Inspecht site.

  1. Short introduction on how to use Google to find candidates
  2. Quick overview of some key social media and Web 2.0 terms
  3. Email marketing campaign tool

The first two probably make sense to most readers but the third might surprise a few of you.

Email marketing

While blogs and RSS are where the digital natives hang out, many people have not moved away from email as a major communication method. There are two variations of the service, first is designed for internal recruiters and the other for agency recruiters. For internal recruiters the tool can be used to create newsletters to stay engaged with their talent pool, advertise specific career fairs to a specific audience and promote specific jobs to the talent pool. For agency recruiters the focus is on specific jobs to their mail list.

Why is this tool different from regular email?

  • Preview the email as you build it
  • Custom templates to match your corporate guidelines for jobs, newsletters, graduate events, what ever; you are in control
  • Control over sender information
  • Scheduled delivery options
  • Track who forwards your email and how many times
  • Detailed reporting covering who opened your emails, who clicked on which links, and who unsubscribed
If you are interested in this brand new product drop me an email and we can talk further.

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