Jonathan ate Kangaroo!

Sun’s CEO Jonathan Schwartz was in Australia last week, he writes about his visit and seems to have taken a liking to a portion of our national coat of arms. Well, good on him, kangaroo is fantastic, and with the over population of them if he feels inclined to eat a couple good.


Well then end of another interesting week. I have not had a chance to blog everything that I have been doing in the last couple of weeks, just too many exciting things. In summary, in reverse order:- Been following Web 2.0 on Feedster, some very cool stuff coming out. Playing with IPodder (all I needContinue reading “TGIF”

Gmail account

Just a short post, currently in New Zealand working with a partner Datacom. Over the weekend I became a proud owner of a gmail account, thanks to Michael Angeles, I will be slowly moving my email to it.

Telstra down

I find this very amusing, maybe I get need to get a life. I went to research when the Blackberry’s entered the Australian market (see next post), entered into my browser (IE 6) and got redirected to$SM$http%3a%2f%2ftelstra%2ecom%2f which promptly gave me “The page cannot be displayed” error. This got me thinking so IContinue reading “Telstra down”

Anti spam success

The BBC has a really intriguing article about an “average Joe” who is fighting back at those spamers who promise us riches for “helping” them they will help you out with a few million. The average Job in question is Mike and so far is up $80 on the scammers!