This week in Sydney

Arrived in Sydney late Monday evening for a very busy week, lots of meetings, attending Web Directions, Port 80, AussieTUB, presenting at a user group on Change Management and sitting on a panel for the NSW Knowledge Management forum discussing the value of social media and networking for business.

During Web Directions I might live blog the sessions just not decided at this stage if there will be value for my readers. If I don’t live blog it I will cover the event on Twitter.

For the talk on Change Management I am trying to new presentation style, even got myself one of those fancy remote presentation clicker things, and to make things more interesting the talk is to a group of HR professionals, who should be by all accounts experts!

My talk is a summary of the 1 day workshop I have put together on Change Management taking the audience through the need for change management and a structured approach for implementation. The slides will go up on SlideShare afterwards if you want to have a look at them.

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