Inspecht is live & other interesting news

Another quick business update. After a week of getting logos and the like completed the site for my new venture is up and running. Where can it be found?,, and finally also redirects there as well. Right now the site is very basic and more just to get some content outContinue reading “Inspecht is live & other interesting news”

More stolen data

Standford University is the latest large organisation to be involved in unintentional leaking of personal data. A laptop was stolen that contained the personal details of 62,000 former and current employees. The data included:- Name, gender, date of birth Social Security number Salary, business title, office location, office phone number, and e-mail address while employedContinue reading “More stolen data”

Enterprise 2.0, employees and profits

Last night at PubCamp I led a small unconference session around Enterprise 2.0, employees and profits, overall it was Ok but not as good as I would have liked. A part of the issue was a couple of vocal participants in the front row who kept heckling the group the robust debate going, Duncan RileyContinue reading “Enterprise 2.0, employees and profits”

Top 100 Australian Web 2.0 Applications

Today we saw the release of the top 100 Australian Web 2.0 applications in BRW, in reading the list there are many familiar names that appear along with a few new ones and a couple of surprises. I’m not going to comment on the list or specific positions as I’m sure there are lots ofContinue reading “Top 100 Australian Web 2.0 Applications”

PubCamp Melbourne

I have been able to clear my schedule and can now attend PubCamp Melbourne on 23rd June. What is PubCamp and why should you attend? Glad you asked, from their site: Understand the most important trends and technologies for Web 2.0 and beyond – social and citizen media, the semantic web, widgets, the shift toContinue reading “PubCamp Melbourne”

Facebook the new enterprise tool?

Prolific Australian blogger and entrepreneur Ben Barren posted about Facebook enterprise, discussing Verizon’s recent move to shutdown their corporate social network in favour of it’s Facedbook Fan page. Now I agree with Ben a Fan page is NOT a social network, but as he said it could be a great place to start your strategy.Continue reading “Facebook the new enterprise tool?”

Creating corporate mash potatoes

One of the attributes of Web 2.0 that has had such a profound effect is that of openness. Openness in all forms, communication, plans and technology. The technology openness, via RSS, REST, XML, and APIs has allowed both professional and hobby developers to create new applications based on different data, sites and services. This resultContinue reading “Creating corporate mash potatoes”