Facebook the new enterprise tool?

Prolific Australian blogger and entrepreneur Ben Barren posted about Facebook enterprise, discussing Verizon’s recent move to shutdown their corporate social network in favour of it’s Facedbook Fan page. Now I agree with Ben a Fan page is NOT a social network, but as he said it could be a great place to start your strategy.

I would take this a little further and look at why were customers more at home on the Facebook platform than the corporate social network? What attributes make a fairly limited Fan page more interesting than an full blown network, which allowed blogs, photos and forums? It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall in the Verizon marketing department while the discussion on the decision took place.

Another interesting thing was when I followed the links via Read Write Web to Inside Facebook I found this comment:

Facebook is working on a major upgrade to Pages to make them more compelling for businesses to build a deep presence on Facebook. We’ll have more details as they become available. Clearly, Verizon decided that trying to run its own branded social network wasn’t worth the effort.

Hmm, this will be something to watch. I am really seeing Facebook moving towards trying to be the de facto standard platform for social networks.

Another interesting note is I have recently had experience in setting up a social network internally for an organisation, for a variety of reasons it was too difficult. So we used a closed Facebook group as a starting point. The idea was if it was successful we could get approval for a broader internal tool.

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