Creating corporate mash potatoes

One of the attributes of Web 2.0 that has had such a profound effect is that of openness. Openness in all forms, communication, plans and technology. The technology openness, via RSS, REST, XML, and APIs has allowed both professional and hobby developers to create new applications based on different data, sites and services. This result has been labelled a Mashup.

One of the perceived keys of Enterprise 2.0 is the corporate mashup, allowing both internal and external data to be brought together to create new value adding tools. Of course this is not the easiest thing in the world to do as corporate environments have many layers of technical complexity to navigate such as identity management, system security, historical databases etc. This means for the corporate mashup to work a framework needs to be put in place to enable and help resolve these complexities.

Enter the IBM Mashup Centre. Announced in April 2008 IBM are getting ready for a more general release and based on a recent InfoWorld article have several big customers trialling the tool such as Boeing and Carrefour.

IBM Mashup Center will let non-technical users create programs, using widgets that can be dragged and dropped, and combined with internal systems such as SAP. A mashup might combine enterprise systems such as databases, personal content like Excel spreadsheets, and Web content, Carrier says.

Apparently you can download a trial version from IBM’s Lotus Greenhouse, however when I tried to access the site it was down.

It will be interesting to see where the product goes and how it is embraced by corporate IT types.

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  1. I worked at JackBe, enterprise mashup solutions, for a while. I agree with you about the complexities of the enterprise and is a hurdle I experienced at JB while in Prod Mrkt there. I remember when IBM came out with QEDWiki; looks like the project has turned into something more.

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