Enterprise 2.0 & HCM vendors

There have been several posts recently about Web 2.0 and Human Capital Management (HCM) vendors saying it is more than a fancy user interface (UI), which seems to be all HCM vendors are promoting at the moment. On that front I could not agree more, but I would take things to a deeper level. WebContinue reading “Enterprise 2.0 & HCM vendors”

Australian web traffic statistics

Yesterday I received my copy of the May 2008 Hitwise Newsletter which tends to cover lots of general high level internet traffic trends in Australia. (Over the last few months I have been ignoring them, they are probably archived somewhere in GMail if I went to find them.) This month I decided to read it.Continue reading “Australian web traffic statistics”

Election Campaigns and Enterprise 2.0

Overnight John Edwards used YouTube as one of the means to announce his candidacy for the US Presidential elections. John Edwards has been using the internet and social/new media (podcasts, videocasts) for a while now so this is no surprise. For me this indicates a “tipping point” in the acceptance of “new media” and IContinue reading “Election Campaigns and Enterprise 2.0”

More on HR 2.0 or is it 3.0?

(Yes I know I am flogging a dead horse.) Systematic Viewpoints has provided his opinion/views/position on HR, SOA and Web 2.0, within which he has questioned how to use RSS for an integrated worklist and poses several questions. All very important and shows a snippet of the issues/concerns that need to be resolved, I haveContinue reading “More on HR 2.0 or is it 3.0?”

When will HR catch onto the wave?

A few days ago (16 to be exact) Thomas Otter (a solution architect at SAP) posted on Enterprise RSS, web 2.0 and HR, he also skimmed the social web and it’s potential in the enterprise space. It is fantastic that these concepts are being picked up by more and more people. However I kind ofContinue reading “When will HR catch onto the wave?”