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Jim Durbin provides us with details on the judging criteria in the Recruiting.com Best Blog Awards.

I like his general statement, someone who is advancing the brand, where the brand is recruitment. He will be looking for someone who is making an impact on the size of the recruiting blogosphere and how they are using blogging as a platform to “improve their business and the business of all recruiting bloggers”.

I personally feel that this needs to be extended to include how the blogger is engaging in a conversation with their readers. Maybe this is implied but I feel it should be an explicit factor. A blog provides you with a very unique method of providing personalised communication with a very specific segment of the market. It does not matter how big that market is, more the level of communication and engagement between that market and the blogger.

It is these factors that makes blogging such a fantastic tool for recruiters. In fact this makes blogging a perfect tool for internal communications with employees as well. Building a relationship of transparent communication internally with your existing employees will dramatically increase their engagement and retention. In some regards we should be focusing on internal blogging within corporations as this will generate the same if not larger financial returns than external.

I challenge us all to spend 2006 looking at increasing blogging within the enterprise as much as we do externally.

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  1. Communication with the audience is implied in my definition of blogging – sometimes I forget to list the most important aspect of blogging – that it is a conversation.

    The decision has been made – and while I can’t say that every one of my criteria was 100% fulfilled – the majority were – and it’s a good choice.

    I often tell people to build the traffic and the community first, and the purpose will arrive. Blogging is a key to finding out what you want to do – why else would we spend so much time on it?

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