Employers & Blogs

Ahh, Tuesday night brings the weekly newsletter from Workforce Management. This week a couple of interesting things to report, you might need to subscribe to view them.

Firstly a survey for HR professionals looking at who within HR is involved in blogs, 70% (when I took the survey) said they did NOT participate nor read blogs within their industry and 11% were not sure or said it depended (what ever that means).

The second item is a article by Sam Greengard on blogs in the workplace. The article highlights some of the more high profiled firings around blogs and provides links to several good quality corporate blogs. A couple of very interesting quotes from Eugene Volokh profession of law at UCLA that employers in the US should be aware of:-

“Legal challenges arising out of terminations related to blogging are a vague and under-litigated area of law.”

“Companies must understand that this isn’t just a random hobby that a few people are engaging in. It’s becoming a mainstream and widespread form of communication, employers must recognize that unless they accommodate blogging, they risk losing good people.”

The article goes on to promote a clear policy for employees.

A great intro for HR professional who has never experienced blogs.