Technology decisions and other items

The Electronic Recruiting Exchange has an article by Kevin Wheeler on Recruiting technology decisions, while focused on recruitment software all of his point are relevant to any technology decision. Human Resources Magazine has several items this issue of interest. Firstly on next generation measurement systems, while it does not provide a lot of detail itContinue reading “Technology decisions and other items”

The perfect HR search

There is discussion going on at the moment about the Perfect Search, referring to the results provided by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and others. Most of this seems to have steemed from John Battelle asking the question “What is the Perfect Search” as he pens the final chapter in his new book. JeremyContinue reading “The perfect HR search”

More articles on software success

An interesting article appeared today on Computerworld about the success of the Department of Defence’s PeopleSoft implementation. I feel it is great to see HR/Payroll implementations making the mainstream IT press, however items that are more positive would be nice. This one along with review on the Federal Government’s success both seem to leave meContinue reading “More articles on software success”