Technology decisions and other items

The Electronic Recruiting Exchange has an article by Kevin Wheeler on Recruiting technology decisions, while focused on recruitment software all of his point are relevant to any technology decision.

Human Resources Magazine has several items this issue of interest. Firstly on next generation measurement systems, while it does not provide a lot of detail it does highlight some issues with existing measurement tools (such as just re-labeling the old with a trendy new name) and provides 6 key elements that make up human captial measurement.

While I disagree with some of the content within the categories the categories themselves are correct. You need to be careful with the “Detailed” section as management will lose interest if the reports are too detailed. I am also not so keen on the statement that their 5 key measures can all be achieved through a survey of employees. Many of the elements discussed are subjective (at best) and having employees provide feedback on the performance of process completion for example is probably not the best method of collecting the data.

However, the recommendation to use statistical analysis is a welcome relief. The sooner HR departments begin to deliver reports within meaning information (not just listing type reports) the sooner management will pay attention.

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