Employee engagement and technology

I have been thinking about employee engagement and the different aspects of business that either increase or decrease engagement and if technology solutions can have any impact on this. I see engagement covering 4 areas motivation, advocacy, commitment and satisfaction. If an employee has a high level of these four areas then they are moreContinue reading “Employee engagement and technology”

Last post clarification

I have just been re-reading my last post, and a couple of clarifications. Something I missed in the last post were a couple of fantastic points that Phil made during his presentation. He gave four interesting points that make up collaboration:- Information Communication/Sharing Action/Accessibility Analysis He also highlighted a fact that I had forgotten. CollaborativeContinue reading “Last post clarification”

Changes in applicant tracking systems

Lou Adler talks about the benefits of hiring “non-active” candidates. A good article on overall recruiting “dos and don’ts” but also raises some interesting points about how to use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to track and find these non active candidates. However this process has been made harder in Australia with the privacy and anti-spamContinue reading “Changes in applicant tracking systems”