Replacement eStarling Photo Frame

When I returned from Hong Kong there was a package waiting for me in the mal room. The folks over at ThinkGeek and eStarling have been very nice and provided us who purchased a 1st generation eStarling Wireless Photo Frame with a replacement. Why? Well the first frame had a few issues, was a bitContinue reading “Replacement eStarling Photo Frame”

Australia Top 100 blogs, I’m in the list

A bit of self promotion here. The updated Top 100 Australian blogs is out and for some strange reason I have made #38 very surprised! Behind the likes of Ben Barren and Duncan Riley (no surprises there), but ahead of Trevor Cook #43, Frank Arrigo #89, WTF?? Must be a mistake in the calculations. I’mContinue reading “Australia Top 100 blogs, I’m in the list”