Replacement eStarling Photo Frame

When I returned from Hong Kong there was a package waiting for me in the mal room. The folks over at ThinkGeek and eStarling have been very nice and provided us who purchased a 1st generation eStarling Wireless Photo Frame with a replacement. Why? Well the first frame had a few issues, was a bit ugly and had an external WiFi USB key.

The 2nd generation frame is so far proving to be the exact opposite. Within about 15 minutes of getting it home I had my photos from Flickr appearing via an RSS feed, including the 10 minutes I messed around once again forgeting I had MAC address filtering on our WiFi network, d’oh!

A few grips

  • The frame is widescreen format and I am getting black lines down the sides cause all our existing photos are 4:3 not 9:6
  • There is no MAC address printed on the box or frame so it makes having MAX address filtering a bit more complex, there is a support topic for this.
  • Connection to our WiFi network is sometimes a little flaky, or it could be the config in the frame.
  • The frame still requires a WiFi network to display photos
  • Configuration is still a little tempormental

Having said that I really like the new frame and the positive features outway the negatives.
Below are some photo’s I took of the unpacking process.
Whats in the Box


These next photos were taken as widescreen as I rebooted to see what things looked like on the frame.



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