Productivity ideas

During my weekly review today I looked through some feedback from the HBDI Survey I took for the training course in Hong Kong, if you know HBDI I am D > A > C > B. One of the pieces of feedback was to look at ways to develop other quadrants, to help with this HBDI provides some ideas on things you can do. So I took one idea, keeping a time log for a week and decided to implement it.

For the next week I am going to try and keep a log of what I am doing every 15 minutes precisely. The benefits should be twofold.

First, to develop my B quadrant, my lowest, really focusing on planning i.e. how to do something, organising facts, and reviewing details.

Second I felt it might be a good idea to help with productivity, understanding where I spend my time should help with determining blocks in productivity and when I get through lots of items.

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