Fat blogging and employees

Jason Calacanis a while back decided to loose some weight, coined the term fat blogging, registered the domain and got a few overweight geeks to join in to loose those kilos (pounds if you are still old-school).

Over the last 6-9 months I have gone through my own weight loss program. I needed to reduce my cholesterol and losing weight is a part of that process. I have lost about 10 kg or 22 lb, about the same a Jason is looking for so I thought I might share what I did.

  1. Take lunch from home
  2. 2 days a week lunch is a salad sandwich, wholemeal bread no butter, salt or pepper just the taste of the salad
  3. 2-3 days a week tinned tuna with pita bread/corn thins/vita wheats
  4. Occasionally splash out and have roast beef sandwich, again wholemeal bread no butter, salt or pepper just the taste of the beef
  5. Reduced portions at dinner
  6. Eating fresh fruit and a muesli bar for breakfast
  7. Mixed (unsalted) nuts for mid morning snack
  8. Exercise a few times a week, nothing major walk, cycle, weights, windsurf, chores just do something, oh and some crunches.

Result: lost 10 kg, dropped 36″ waist (91 cm) to 32″ (81cm), stopped snoring and feeling better.

Promoting weight loss is a great idea in any organisation as you will have both happier and healthier employees.

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