Self Management & Inspecht Update

The last month to 6 weeks has been very busy, but I have to say I have not made a lot of progress in many different areas. Before we get to the challenges let me review the positive things from the last month. I started attending Jelly in Melbourne and have met some great folks.Continue reading “Self Management & Inspecht Update”

October is Anxiety and Depression Awareness Month

Yesterday afternoon I received an email from Beyond Blue an Australian not-for-profit that works to help people with depression and anxiety announcing that October was Anxiety and Depression Awareness month. The email was calling for people and organisations to get involved in raising awareness of anxiety and depression and help reduce the associated stigma. NowContinue reading “October is Anxiety and Depression Awareness Month”

Away for a week

Regular readers will know that I disappear once a year for about 9 days to go on the annual ski trip, I am heading off today to Charlotte Pass for a few days of skiing and R&R. However this year is a little different in many ways. Firstly given my personal life changes it willContinue reading “Away for a week”

Inspecht is live & other interesting news

Another quick business update. After a week of getting logos and the like completed the site for my new venture is up and running. Where can it be found?,, and finally also redirects there as well. Right now the site is very basic and more just to get some content outContinue reading “Inspecht is live & other interesting news”