Photowalking Hong Kong

I packed our digital camera for the trip up to Hong Kong, normally I don’t take a camera on business trips, not sure why just not something I have got into the habit of.

This time with the camera I am planning to do a photowalk in Hong Kong on either Saturday 19th May or Sunday 20th May. Over the next couple of days I will do some research and reflection on where and post later in the week on my plans. Initial thoughts jump on the Star ferry over to Kwooloon or through Wanchai and up Victoria Peak, in addition there will be an evening walk through Mong Kok or Temple St markets.

All welcome if you happen to be in Hong Kong.

4 thoughts on “Photowalking Hong Kong

  1. In Wanchai, from 228 Queen’s Road East up, there will be a great change. It’s worth to take a walk there. And there is a famous local street market selling interesting stuff, which will soon be gone. The old Wanchai foodstuff market in old Bauhaus building (haunted….) will soon be demolished too. From there u can take bus to The Peak. Don’t forget to see HK at night! Last time, we went to Felix pub (top of The Peninsula Hotel, TST) for another view of HK night.

    A famous blue building (pre-2nd WWar) is a preserved building also in one of the streets near the old Wanchai market.

    When going to Temple Street, why not go to the Jade Market too! This may be demolished soon too. Ha, crazy govt. with no sense of branding!

    Another place i will suggest to go is taking MTR to Wong Tai Sin station, where the famous downtown temple – Wong Tai Sin – is located. It is frequented by tourists (and us). Rumors once said it would be ‘migrated’ to New York China town….gods also migrate ;-p.

    Wish u a nice stay in Hong Kong.

  2. Michael – I second visiting the Wong Tai Sin temple. You can also take the subway to the Chi Lin Nunnery. It’s a beautiful, quiet place – a nice change from all the excitement of the city. I can recommend a great tailor in Kowloon where I got a suit and half-dozen shirts made to measure in 24 hours. Stanley Harbor and the market there is a fun excursion too, great market shopping. A few photos at:


  3. I didn’t have my digital camera with me on my last trip to Hong Kong but I wish I did. It would have to be one of the richest places on earth for imagery, day time with the people, night time with the lights. Just an amazing place.

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