More on HR 2.0 or is it 3.0?

(Yes I know I am flogging a dead horse.)

Systematic Viewpoints has provided his opinion/views/position on HR, SOA and Web 2.0, within which he has questioned how to use RSS for an integrated worklist and poses several questions. All very important and shows a snippet of the issues/concerns that need to be resolved, I have tried to provide my personal view on each.

  1. (H)ow does it become aware of whether I’ve inherited a new task in Taleo, or the HRMS, or Oracle EBS, or 14 other integrated systems only seconds after I finished a prior one? Answer:- SSE
  2. How do I remove the alert for a completed task off the Enterprise Portal without the user having to refresh a screen for someone who gets dozens of approval messages daily? Answer:- AJAX
  3. How does RSS scale to a source system that sends out upwards of 40,000 messages a day? Answer:- BoingBoing, Feedburner, Google News
  4. How come I have to explain what RSS is to my technology partners, those who would have to maintain this when it stops working, somewhere in the world that is inevitably dinner or sleep time somewhere else? Answer:- Good question, you might need some new technology partners

Ok maybe these are not real answers but I firmly believe that we can resolve these types of issues. Check out Jeff Nolan’s post from last month for some more ideas (Via Moonwatcher Visionaries).

I found Thomas’s latest post on the discussion thought provoking and right on the money:-

Version control, accuracy, privacy, security and so on become ever more important. I think this is where MDM (master data management) will play a key role. To take advantage of the emerging technologies, more than ever you need strong, reliable and stable core system, something that provides that single source of the truth. There is a paradox in there somewhere. (you cant be trully flexible unless you have a strong backbone or something equally yogasque)

Oh boy how true, and he followed that with this gem:-

Maybe I’m wrong but I reckon a lot of niche HR software vendors will face a challenge.

They will be increasingly squashed between the “single vendor suite for core business processes” directive and the ease of mashups and business-analyst driven composites

Exactly. The quick and the dead.

3 thoughts on “More on HR 2.0 or is it 3.0?

  1. “Ok maybe these are not real answers but I firmly believe that we can resolve these types of issues.”

    Yes to both, Michael. Jeff’s post is spot on but it refers to asynchronous notifications. What I’m looking at is a synchronous flow of actionable items. I love RSS in it’s current state for easily pushing out info but the only ‘awareness’ in most implementations is whether I’ve displayed the text in my browser-based feed reader. It can’t yet determine whether I’ve gone off and taken care of a task that’s caused a workflow to stop and be persistent until them without a lot of polling and that’s not healthy. You’re also right, SSE holds promise but I can’t support hundreds of thousands of people today with draft specs…it might raise an eyebrow or two in the architecture community!

    My experience is that exciting, promise-heavy emerging technologies take about 4-6 years to mature enough to be trusted and deployed in the enterprise. I’ve told my staff many times not to be discouraged when new ideas get shot down, but to fold it up carefully and pull it out every so often for a new look. Eventually it’ll be ready. Patience and stamina are very valuable attributes!

  2. So true, however SSE will need some forward thinking organisations to try and take it out for a spin to see what happens. I reckon you would have great support from Microsoft if you wanted to do that, even in a test bed.

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