Managing the employer brand

Over the last two to three months I have spent a lot of time working with people on either their employer or personal brand. These discussions have lead me to believe that most organisations are not thinking about how social media can impact their employer brand.  Organisations are spending vasts amounts of time and moneyContinue reading “Managing the employer brand”

Background checking as part of your hiring decision

Warning a Michael rant coming. While regular background checkinf is a standard part of most recruitment processes, using search engines and social networks to background check candidates still seems to be the exception. I find this amazing that a quick 5 minute search online to learn about a candidate is still not part of standardContinue reading “Background checking as part of your hiring decision”

When your social graph breaks

There is a lot of talk these days about social graphs, a newish term used to describe our online social relationships across the myriad of web sites these days. If you are unsure what a social graph is read this description from Jeremiah Owyang. Another common discussion at the moment is the cross over ofContinue reading “When your social graph breaks”

Is privacy a C level concern?

Privacy of your employee and customer data should be one of the top priorities of any board for any organisation. However sometimes C level exec’s are more interested in things right in front of them, like this quarters sales or the new product introduction. To get them to pay attention you sometimes need to beContinue reading “Is privacy a C level concern?”

links for 2005-12-06

Edit in Place with JavaScript and CSS A very cool use of XHTML, Javascript and CSS to create what could be the new web interface. (tags: ajax HTML Javascript web2.0 XHTML) Garr Reynolds Official Site A fantastic resource on presentations, brand, and communications (tags: communication brand presentation marketing)

Googling can get you in trouble

(Via Doc Searls, via Cameron Reilly). An Iranian, Hossien Derakshan, ended up being kicked out of the US because the border patrol officer Googled his name, finds his blog, is not with the content so takes him in for questioning. During the questioning they find a magazine with a NY address and to cut aContinue reading “Googling can get you in trouble”

Social reputation and authority

Happened to be browsing Feedburner today and found an interesting post in their blog about a new API. The Feed Awareness API looks very interesting and seems to already have support from some of the feed reader software. The best way to describe it is to quote the Feedburner site. Feed Awareness describes the extentContinue reading “Social reputation and authority”